Family’s fury as sheep dies in dog attack

Tom and Carol Whittington, with the orphan lambs, at their  farm in Siddal
Tom and Carol Whittington, with the orphan lambs, at their farm in Siddal

A devastated family have spoken of their horror after one of their sheep was killed in a savage dog attack.

Kevin Whittington’s breeding ewe, Milly, sustained horrendous injuries, including a punctured windpipe, during the attack and had to be destroyed.

Mr Whittington, 51, who lives with his family at Roselee Close, Siddal, now wants to send out a strong message to dog owners to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

He said: “My wife works at Siddal Primary School and from one of the classrooms you can see on to our land. One of her colleagues was working that room when she saw a brown dog chase the sheep.

“She saw the sheep face up to the dog so the others could get away and went to tell my wife, who couldn’t get back, what had happened.

“By the time she had got home, my daughter was running down the street saying the sheep had been attacked.

“Milly was slowly drowning in her own blood, we had to get the vet out and he confirmed there were signs of a dog attack.

“She died protecting her lambs. We love everyone of our animals, you care about them as if they were a member of your family.

“My children are devastated by this and we want to raise awareness that this is a massive problem - when you see sheep keep your dog on a lead.

“When dogs see them, they go into wolf mentality.”

A West Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: “A resident in Siddal, Halifax returned home to find one of his sheep with severe neck injuries.

“A vet attended and confirmed that the injuries were consistent with a dog attack and the sheep had to be put to sleep.”

They added there are no further lines of enquiry at this stage, but the incident will be looked at again if further information becomes available in the future.