Father and son jailed for assault at Halifax pub

Scales of justice
Scales of justice

A father and son have both been locked up for an assault on an older man outside a Halifax pub.

Sentencing Michael and Jordan Walsh at Leeds Crown Court on Wednesday Recorder Keith Miller said there was far too much violence these days outside pubs and clubs. “It really is an atrocious state of affairs.”

He said the pair were drinking at the White Horse in Halifax on March 16 last year where the complainant Kevin Grady was also present.

“There had been animosity between your family and the Grady family over a couple of years,” he said.

There came a point when Michael Walsh went to speak to Mr Grady who had gone outside for a cigarette.

He claimed later that it was on a “father to father” basis about the problems between their sons but said he was pushed in the chest by the older man.

Recorder Miller said: “Whatever Mr Grady’s reaction there was no excuse for you Michael Walsh punching him and knocking him to the ground”.

While on the floor Mr Grady was punched again and it was then Jordan Walsh joined his father and both men kicked the complainant on the ground.

He said a witness had described how she was shocked by the violence that afternoon. He told Michael Walsh he accepted he was well regarded at work and had health problems following two kidney transplants but he had set his son “an appalling example” and there had to be an immediate jail term.

Michael Walsh, 45 of Backhold Drive, Halifax was found guilty by a jury after a trial at Bradford Crown Court of assaulting Mr Grady. He was jailed for a total of 15 months.

Jordan Walsh, 19 of the same address admitted assault and was sent to a young offender institution for eight months.

Dave Mackay prosecuting said after the incident Mr Grady was helped back into the pub. He had cuts to his nose, head and face and was later seen at Calderdale Royal Hospital for treatment.

Since then he had trouble sleeping and did not go out much as he felt anxious about what might happen.

Sophie Drake for Michael Walsh said he was considered a hard-working family man who did not involve himself in trouble. Following his second kidney transplant after the first was unsuccessful he had to take regular medication.

He had brought up his son and daughter single-handedly and if locked up would lose his home leaving his 18-year-old daughter who was in full-time education without financial support.

Katherine Pitters for Jordan Walsh said his plea indicated genuine remorse. He had involved himself only to help his father.