Filthy Halifax takeaway takes ‘giant steps’

Restaurants / takeaways with zero stars on the Scores on the Doors food hygiene ratings. Usmania Grill Bar, Halifax.
Restaurants / takeaways with zero stars on the Scores on the Doors food hygiene ratings. Usmania Grill Bar, Halifax.

A Halifax takeaway which was “named and shamed” by the Courier over its zero-rating has now taken “giant steps” to improve its food hygiene standards, a court heard.

The Usmania Grill Bar, on Parkinson Lane, was one of more than a dozen premises which featured in the article in July and its owner 24-year-old Sakandar Hussain appeared before Bradford Crown Court after admitting 13 breaches of food safety and hygiene regulations.

Hussain, of Kingsley Place, Halifax, set up the business in 2010 and a judge heard today that the adverse publicity about the zero-rating had led to two members of staff being laid off.

The offences came to light during an unannounced inspection by environmental health officers in January and Judge David Hatton QC noted that improvement advice which had been given following previous inspections appeared to have been ignored.

But the judge, who had seen photographs of the premises in January, was also handed pictures of its up-to-date condition and remarked:”That’s much smarter isn’t could eat your dinner off it.”

The court heard that takeaway now held a three out of five stars rating which was classed as satisfactory and Hussain’s barrister Amanda Johnson said her client was adamant that standards would not slip again.

She explained that while her client was studying his younger brother had been managing the premises and Hussain accepted that he had not been keeping a close enough eye on the takeaway.

Miss Johnson said Hussain, his brother and two other staff had now all done the appropriate courses and it had been a salutary experience for her client.

Judge Hatton sentenced Hussain to a 12-month community order which includes 200 hours of unpaid work and costs of £600.

The judge said the premises had been filthy and it was fortuitous that there had been no reports of ill health as a consequence.

“I principally take account of the fact that you have taken giant steps to improve matters and the photographs that I have been provided with of your establishment as it is now are considerably different from those I saw which were taken at the time when these offences were uncovered,” the judge told Hussain.