Finder’s keepers as homeowner hangs on to £40,000 cash box buried in garden.

The box that was found stuffed with cash at Godley Gardens
The box that was found stuffed with cash at Godley Gardens

A homeowner who dug up a fortune in his garden has won the fight to keep the cash.

Kenneth Dobson, thought to be in his 60s, was shocked last year when he found a cashbox stuffed with £43,360 at Godley Gardens, Shibden, Halifax, while digging his flowerbeds.

A battle then ensued at Calderdale Magistrates Court between Mr Dobson and former resident Christian Rogers, who claimed to be the rightful owner. Counter claims have been going on since the box was dug up last May. However, Mr Rogers’s representatives withdrew his claim at court – leaving Mr Dobson the full amount.

It was not stated before the magistrates whether an out-of-court settlement had been agreed.

District Judge Marie Mallon had been lined up to rule on the case.

But in the end her only action was to award payment in full to Mr Dobson.

The cash will be paid to his solicitors, Chadwick Lawrence, before being forwarded to him.

Both claimants declined to comment.

Police said: “Anyone with a claim to money or property can apply to have it returned. Where ownership is not clear, the matter is referred to police solicitors.

“In this case, because the parties were unable to reach agreement, one of the parties decided to issue proceedings. The matter was dealt with by the court, who made their decision.”