Former Halifax Rugby League star Jamie Bloem speaks of hell after being accused of child sex offence

Jamie Bloem.
Jamie Bloem.

Jamie Bloem has spoken of how he received death threats and reporters houndign his neighbours when he was arrested over a child sex allegation that proved to be totally untrue.

The former Fax star, who lives in Halifax, was arrested on suspicion of sexual contact with a minor earlier this year but was never charged with any offence and has now been released from police bail with no further action being taken.

But he says for the three months that police investigated the claim, his and his family’s lives were turned upside down.

The arrest meant he was suspended from working as a commentator and referee, and he found people cancelling bookings for the landscaping business that he owns and runs.

“People said they just didn’t feel comfortable having me working for them,” he said.

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