Former Halifax takeaway owners to appear in court


Three owners of a former Halifax takeaway will appear at Bradford Crown Court in August over a cockroach infestation.

Between 4,000 and 5,000 cockroaches are alleged to have been found at the premises of the former Naz’s Kebab House and Grill on Thomas Street South last year.

Mohammed Azam, 39, of King Cross Road, Halifax, Iftikhar Ahmed, 41, of Rye Lane, Pellon and Alquad Hussain, 42, of Sandford Road, Bradford have pleaded not guilty to the nine charges of public health violations.

A trap containing around 250 cockroaches is alleged to have been found on the kitchen floor and another with between 200 and 300 cockroaches is alleged to have been discovered below a fridge.

Cockroaches are also alleged to have been running across the floor of the premises, in a tray containing a cooked kebab, in a fat collection tray of a kebab cooker and on a compartment of a display cabinet close to a pitta bread and a bag of uncooked chips.

The three men will appear in court on August 8.