Four years jail for ‘smirking face’ fire-raiser

Anthony Bramley, sentenced to four years for arson
Anthony Bramley, sentenced to four years for arson

A 31-year-old man who started a fire outside the home of his former partner has been jailed for four years.

Bradford Crown Court heard Anthony Bramley, left, admitted starting a fire against the wall near a ventilation shaft in Richard Street, Brighouse, in March.

The court was told Bramley’s relationship with Joanne Hill had broken down.

Bramley then started the fire and Miss Hill was woken by thick black smoke.

“She saw you outside with what she described as a smirk on your face.

“She came down, opened the door and then had to fill pans of water a number of times in order to extinguish it.”

Bramley, from Bradford, pleaded guilty on the basis that he never intended to cause any harm but had been reckless in starting the fire.

Judge Peter Benson told Bramley that it had been a highly dangerous thing to do.

Barrister Ken Green, representing Bramley, said his client had been outside the property for many hours contemplating the breakdown of the relationship.

“It was a very risky thing to do and it is perhaps fortunate that no more serious consequences flowed from the setting of the fire,” conceded Mr Green.