Fury over cab fare gets knifeman three years in jail

Kyle Murray
Kyle Murray

A 20-year-old who robbed a taxi driver at knifepoint – after a row over change – has been jailed for three years.

Kyle Murray, of Lawler Close, Ovenden, Halifax, committed the attack because he said he felt robbed himself when he was short-changed.

Murray took up to £30 from the driver during the attack after a night out.

The incident took place on May 28 this year when Murray and his girlfriend got into a taxi in Halifax town centre just before 11pm.

Arriving at their house in Ovenden an argument broke out over the fare.

Murray claimed he had been short changed and got out of the car in a fury. He started punching the rear driver’s side door, eventually smashing the window.

The startled taxi driver got out and Murray punched him repeatedly in the face before the driver fought back and blows were exchanged.

During the melee the taxi driver hadn’t applied the handbrake fully and the car began to roll down the hill, hitting another vehicle.

Bradford Crown Court heard that at that point Murray ran inside the house and returned with a kitchen knife with a blade between seven and nine inches long.

He demanded the driver hand over his money so he emptied his pockets, which contained between £20 and £30, and Murray ran away.

The court heard Murray’s girlfriend initially lied to police over their relationship, saying she had only met him that night.

However, the taxi driver confirmed he had given the couple lifts before and police returned to the house to find Murray hiding in the loft.

In mitigation, the court heard that Murray blamed an argument with his girlfriend and too much drink for the attack.

He said the attack was not financially motivated and came from a sense of feeling robbed himself.

Murray pleaded guilty to a charge of robbery, but not guilty to possession of an offensive weapon despite admitting using the knife in the attack.

The second charge was left to lie on file.