Girl tells of biting her rape attacker

A YOUNG woman took to the stand to give evidence at the trial of the man accused of raping her.

The 24-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was allegedly attacked by Mytholmroyd man Peter Fallows after a night out in Halifax in 2007.

Fallows, 34, of Brink Top Farm, All Bank Lane, denies rape and assault by penetration.

The young woman told the court she spent the night of Friday November 16 drinking in the Playhouse bar then the Sportsman and Bar Fifteen before ending up at Barbarella’s in Silver Street until the early hours.

She went to her boyfriend’s flat at around 6.30am but was not let in. Soon after, she was attacked in a nearby car park.

She told the court she had clenched her teeth around the man’s penis “to hurt him, to get him away”.

She accepted there were gaps in her memory and she could only recall “bits and bats” about her ordeal.

She told the court she had only drunk about four pints of lager, but a urine test at the police station found her to be nearly four times the drink-drive limit.

Sophie Drake, for Fallows, suggested this had affected her memory and led her to identify the wrong man.

She said: “I’m not going to suggest that you weren’t attacked that night, I’m going to suggest that the man you identified as your attacker was not in fact the man that attacked you – that you’re mistaken about that.”

The victim told the court she recognised her attacker as a drinker at a pub where she used to work.

The trial had earlier heard she picked him out of a line-up without hesitation. Forensic tests also linked his blood to her clothes.

Fallows said he dropped a glass in The Goose, Commercial Street, that night and the blood may have splattered from his cut fingers.

The young woman said she had not been there that night. She told the court she had seen her attacker in Barbarella’s.

Her friend also told jurors he had been with her until the Sportsman closed, when he dropped her off at Bar Fifteen to meet others.

The court heard The Goose would have been closed by the time she left Bar Fifteen.

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