Grandson stole £10,000 - and the rings from his gran’s fingers - to feed his drug habit

Guilty of stealing �10500 from grandmother, Neil Greenwood, 25, leaves court with mother Sophie Greenwood'Calderdale Magistrates Court, Halifax
Guilty of stealing �10500 from grandmother, Neil Greenwood, 25, leaves court with mother Sophie Greenwood'Calderdale Magistrates Court, Halifax

A DRUG addict took more than £10,000 from his own grandmother to feed his habit.

Neil Greenwood, 25, even took the rings from the fingers of the 84-year-old and pawned them to buy more heroin and crack cocaine. Calderdale magistrates heard his gran had to sell her house because Greenwood ruined her financially.

She attended court – supported by two walking sticks – to see her grandson sentenced.

The court heard Greenwood’s year of abuse began in October 2010 when Greenwood, of Cedar Street, Halifax, and his mother began asking for cash.

Mark Steeples, prosecuting, said: “The defendant, accompanied by his mother, had gone on a regular basis obtaining money. They were taking her card to the cash point and withdrawing money.

“It wasn’t only money taken but valuable items which had long lasting sentimental value including the rings from her fingers.”

Greenwood was regularly taking items from her house and selling them to Cash Convertors - who agreed to return many of the items when the truth came out.

Mr Steeples told the court that Greenwood even took the elderly woman’s last £10 and she had ended up with massive debts because of the abuse.

“The defendant’s actions have bled the complainant dry financially and emotionally speaking,” he said.

Greenwood and his mother Sophie had received harassment warnings from the police in May 2011 but this didn’t stop their vile behaviour which carried on until they were arrested in October 2011.

Sam Jackson, defending, said: “It is worth contrasting him with his mother who was for a time his co-defendant. He has no convictions, his mother, on the other hand, has been through the court system on a number of occasions.

“She denied it to police and escaped with a restraining order.”

Greeenwood was spending around £100 a day on drugs and the abuse started when he began struggling to pay for this.

“He never made any threats but he did accept that he went over the top continuously asking for money and property,” said Mr Jackson.

“He has been brought up by a mother with a heavy drug habit. Some might say it was inevitable that he was dragged into the problems with drugs.

“The one person he should have been able to turn to was his mother but she sent him out to buy drugs.”

Greenwood pleaded guilty to one charge of harassment without violence.

Chair of the magistrates, Pauline Nash, said: “You bled your grandmother dry and left her destitute.

“We consider our powers for a custodial sentence are not enough in this case. A short custodial sentence would not punish you enough for this offence so we are going to go for a high level community order - an order which we consider will provide greater punishment.”

Greenwood will carry out 200 hours unpaid work and will be subject to a three month curfew meaning his must not leave his property from 6pm to 6am.

He will also be subject to a supervision order for 12 months including a drug rehabilitation requirement for nine months to combat his addiction.

Greenwood will pay £500 in compensation to his grandmother and was given a restraining order banning him from contacting her or going with 500m of her home.