Gunpoint robbery is second raid in a week at jewellers

Neimantas jewellers has been hit by armed robbers twice in a week ' this time with a gun
Neimantas jewellers has been hit by armed robbers twice in a week ' this time with a gun

GUN-TOTING robbers stormed a jewellers in the second terrifying raid there in a week.

Two men in balaclavas burst into V Neimantas in Commercial Street, Brighouse, as owner Steven Neimantas and his colleague opened up at 9am yesterday.

One was waving a handgun and the other wielded a sledgehammer as he filled a bag with diamond rings and bracelets.

A shaken Mr Neimantas said: “I just heard banging and when I looked out there was a bloke stood in the doorway with a gun, shouting: ‘Get down, get down.’

“We crouched down on the floor and he was shouting: ‘Don’t do anything, I want to see your hands.’

“Another fellow then came in behind him, he had a sledgehammer and a holdall and went to the window filling it with stuff.

“The fellow with the gun was just stood there pointing the gun at us, all the time shouting: ‘I want to see your hands.’”

The pair then fled with another man, who had been waiting outside with a getaway car – believed to have been a Vauxhall Corsa.

Police searched the town centre with dogs and the West Yorkshire Police helicopter was scrambled to survey roads nearby.

Detectives are investigating whether the raid could be linked to another broad daylight attack at around the same time last Friday.

Three masked robbers armed with sledgehammers smashed the shop’s windows at 9.45am before fleeing with jewellery in a silver Audi A5.

The vehicle, believed to have been stolen from Pudsey, Leeds, was later found in Lane Head Court, Brighouse.

“When the door was opening I just thought: ‘Not again,’ because it’s only a week since it happened last time” said Mr Neimantas.

“All I did was just keep looking at the gun, I couldn’t look anywhere else.”

The shop was also targeted three years ago, when three robbers wearing balaclavas and armed with crowbars and baseball bats stole diamond rings. Mr Neimantas was still counting the cost of the latest raid last night. No shots were fired and nobody was hurt.

Police are appealing for witnesses or anyone with information to contact DS Terry O’Keeffe, of Calderdale CID, on 0845 6060606 or call CrimeStoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.