Halifax brothers on trial for vicious attacks

Police at the scene of the public distrurbance on Hopwood Lane, Halifax
Police at the scene of the public distrurbance on Hopwood Lane, Halifax

The trial of two brothers who prosecutors allege committed a spate of vicious assaults opened yesterday (January 26) at Bradford Crown Court.

Prosecutor Patrick Palmer alleged that Akaash Ibrar, 19, and Shazad Ibrar, 27, of Paddock Lane, Halifax, had been involved in a number of assaults which saw one man being slashed across his face and another man being left with a serious head wound.

The court heard the violence was as a result of escalating tensions between two sets of brothers.

The court heard that Akaash allegedly attacked Shakeel Rehman - a friend of one of the rival brothers - at a garage on Hopwood Lane, Halifax, with a set of pruners used for gardening on July 19, 2014.

Mr Palmer said Mr Rehman’s injuries were so severe he required staples in the back of his head to seal the wound.

The following day, Akaash and two other men set on one of the rival brothers Asam Ali assaulting him with a wheel brace, leaving him with injuries to his face, body and shoulders, the prosecution alleged.

Later that day Asam’s brothers Bilal Ahmed and Ibral Ali went to confront the Ibrar brothers at Hopwood Lane.

Mr Palmer alleged that Akaash reached into the boot of a Silver S-Type Jaguar and retrieved a curved knife and gave an iron bar to his brother.

The court heard that Shazad “picked up and slammed Ibral to the floor like a wrestler” before beating him with the iron bar, and that Akaash “slashed Bilal across the face.”

He alleged that upon his arrest on August 1 Akaash was found to be in possession of Stanley knife.

Jurors were shown CCTV and mobile phone video footage of the alleged assault.

Akaash has been charged with two counts of wounding with intent, one count of assault causing actual bodily harm and one count of possessing a blade.

Shazad has been charged with one count of wounding with intent and one count of assault causing actual bodily harm.

The pair have denied all charges.