Halifax burglaries and car crimes revealed by police

Car crimes and burglaries committed in the last seven days in Halifax
Car crimes and burglaries committed in the last seven days in Halifax

The Halifax Neighbourhood Policing Team has revealed the number of burglaries and vehicle crimes in the area,

In the last seven days in the Halifax NPT area there have been nine burglaries of residential premises.

These have been committed on

1 x shed

1 x garages

2 x unsecured houses

2 x attempted house burglaries

3 x dwelling houses. In one case the door window was smashed and in the other two house windows were smashed x

Also in the last 7 days 12 vehicle related crimes have been record (theft from motor vehicle or vehicle interference*).

The means used to gain entry or commit theft were as follows:-

Believed vehicle left secured but no damage caused x 3

Vehicle left unsecured x 3

Force door / door locks x 1

Windows smashed x 4

Wheel trims stolen x 1

West Yorklshire Police said a person is guilty of theft from motor vehicle if they take property belonging to someone else from, or off the vehicle.

If they break into the vehicle but do not take anything, or if they try to break into it, an offence of vehicle interference may have been committed

If you have any information on criminal activity then call the independent charity CrimeStoppers on 0800 555 111 or report on line at https://crimestoppers-uk.org/give-information/forms/give-information-anonymously or Calderdale police on 101.

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