Halifax grandma who stood up to yobs gives her views on Home Secretary’s plans to replace ASBOs

A GRANDMOTHER from Halifax who took a stand against yobs in her area says the Government should introduce boot camps to tackle the problem nationwide.

Today Home Secretary Theresa May will announce new measures to deal with anti-social behaviour, including new orders to replace ASBOs.

The plans would include a “community trigger”, which would force the police, councils and other agencies to act after several complaints and the number of different orders would be cut from 19 to six.

Labour said the measures were a “weaker rebrand” of powers to tackle the issue.

Elizabeth Taylor, 79, from Hambleton Drive in Mixenden received a private audience with then Prime Minister Gordon Brown in 2009 after leading other residents in dealing with yobs in their area.

She gave evidence six times in both criminal and civil cases, leading to ASBOs being placed on the gang.

She said the ASBOs had helped at the time but not long-term.

“It depends on what kind of person they are and what kind of home life they have,” she said.

“If parents are going round sticking up for them and saying it’s everyone else’s fault or if they have got good parents and a good home life.

“I’d life to see some kind of boot camp. If someone offended more than twice, they would go to a strict boot camp where they would learn discipline.

“At the moment they think they can get away with it. They think no one can touch them.”