Halifax man jailed for historical sexual abuse of three young boys

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A 75-year-old sex offender expects to die in prison after a judge today (Tuesday) jailed him for 15 years.

Halifax man Keith Jackson, who suffers from heart problems, was given just six months to live back in 2011 and the prognosis led to court proceedings against him at the time being halted.

But the case, which involved the abuse of three young boys more than 30 years ago, was restarted after another potential victim came forward.

Following a trial at Bradford Crown Court Jackson was eventually found guilty by the jury of a series of sex abuse offences against the initial three complainants.

Today Judge Neil Davey QC branded Jackson “a serial sex offender” after hearing how he had been jailed twice in 1990s for similar offending against young boys.

None of Jackson’s three victims can be identified for legal reasons, but the court heard how he gave them treats such a records, cigarettes and alcohol to make them trust him.

“You did, in my judgement, everything you could by way of apparent kindness and bestowing treats to make them like you and be all the more compliant when you eventually committed sexual offences against them,” said Judge Davey.

One of Jackson’s victims screamed out in pain as he was subjected to a serious sexual assault and prosecutor Gerald Hendron said the lives of all of the complainants had been blighted by the defendant’s crimes.

Judge Davey said Jackson was “cynical, devious and manipulative” in laying the ground for his offending and said the crimes had caused substantial harm to his victims.

Jackson, of Mayfield Gardens, Halifax, had denied any wrong-doing, but following his trial he was found guilty of charges including buggery, indecent assault and gross indecency.

Barrister Soheil Khan, for Jackson, said his client was reaching the end of his life.

“He says he expects to die in prison,” he added.

Jackson, who looks frail and walks with the aid of a stick, had a pacemaker fitted last year and Mr Khan said he was also awaiting further surgery.

“He is someone who is prone to bladder infections and has difficulty remaining mobile,” said Mr Khan.

“He knows he will now pay the price for what he did all those years ago.”

As a result of his conviction Jackson will have to register as a sex offender with the police for the remainder of his life.

Detective Inspector Mick Ryan of Bradford District Safeguarding said; “I welcome the conviction of Keith Jackson for the serious sexual abuse of three boys.

“The offences involved him using his friendship with boys in the Calderdale area to commit serious sexual offences against them for his own gratification.

“I would like to pay particular tribute to the victims in this case who have shown great courage and bravery in not only coming forward but in attending at court to give their evidence.

“I hope the conviction and sentencing of Keith Jackson will provide the justice and closure they deserve. The investigation demonstrates our commitment to protecting vulnerable victims and that police will tirelessly pursue those who present a risk to children in our communities.”