Halifax man on trial for sex charges

A Halifax man is on trial at Bradford Crown Court charged with a series of sexual offences against a child.

Gregory Tryl, of Hebble Vale Drive, is alleged to have committed the offences in the summer of 1998.

At that time he was aged 41 and the female was 13.

The jury is hearing evidence surrounding six counts of indecdent assault and four counts of rape.

David Dixon, prosecuting, said the girl had been helping him with household chores.

He said Tryl complained of a headache and asked the girl to massage his head before kissing her.

He then told her to take washing upstairs and he followed and drew the curtains before lying on the bed.

Mr Dixon said Tryl asked the girl to join him and various sex acts then took place over a period of weeks.

Mr Dixon told the jury that the girl attended a clinic for a morning after pill.

“If sex did not take place why would she go for a morning after pill?” he said.

The court heard around two years’ after the alleged offences the girl attempted to take her own life and Tryl also sent her “hush” money.

Several years’ later she confided in her husband and after she saw Tyrl in a bar in 2011 her husband persauded her to act.

“Here we are as a result,” said Mr Dixon.