Halifax MP's 'enormously proud' moment as Protect the Protectors law comes into force

Halifax MP Holly Lynch is 'enormously proud' that the law has come into force today
Halifax MP Holly Lynch is 'enormously proud' that the law has come into force today

Years of campaigning to get more protection for emergency service workers has paid off as the Protect the Protectors law came into force today.

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Commenting on the Protect the Protectors law coming iHalifax MP Holly Lynch said: “Having seen for myself the dangers faced by our brave emergency workers, I know all too well why we need a greater awareness of assaults and more protections for these frontline staff.

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“I’m enormously proud to have helped secure the new ‘Protect the Protectors’ law which has succeeded in strengthening legal protections from assault.

“No one should be assaulted when doing their job and I hope that emergency workers who experience assault will now feel more confident to report it, safe in the knowledge that this will be treated as an extremely serious offence.”

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fter two years of campaigning, the ‘Protect the Protectors’ Bill - which she first introduced as a Ten Minute Rule Bill in 2016 - gained ‘Royal Assent’ in September, meaning new protections designed to keep firefighters, police officers and NHS workers safer, become enshrined in law.

Her campaign was born out of an eye-opening experience whilst shadowing West Yorkshire Police in Halifax.

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A routine vehicle stop quickly escalated and the officer she was with found himself surrounded by an angry mob. Holly found herself having to call 999 for back up from a police vehicle.

The new law has been supported by the Police Federation, the Royal College of Nursing, Unison, the Fire Bridges Union, and the GMB union.