Halifax police officer bitten by drunk 'savage' speaks about the vicious attack for the first time

The Halifax police officer who was bitten by a drunk man as he tried to arrest him has spoken about the experience and the medical tests he is undergoing following the attack.

Daniel Brearley, 43, mauled PC Morgan Taylor after being arrested for smashing a friend in the face with a pint glass in Halifax town centre.

The moment a Halifax police officer is bitten by Daniel Brearley (SWNS)

The moment a Halifax police officer is bitten by Daniel Brearley (SWNS)

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Brearley, from Elland, pleaded guilty to wounding his friend Ashley Dodd and also admitted a charge of assault in respect of the officer. He was jailed for three years at Bradford Crown Court on Monday this week.

WATCH the shocking moment a drunk 'savage' bites a Halifax police office
Speaking about the attack PC Morgan Taylor, said: “I have worked as a police officer for 21 years. It is a job I love and I do to serve the public and keep them safe.

“Assaults like this are simply unacceptable. I have previously shared on twitter the photos of my injury which caused me considerable pain at the time, and received numerous messages of support, both from colleagues and from members of the public.

“I am still living with what happened and still having tests because of it – all because I went to deal with an incident where a member of the public had been assaulted.

“I am by no means alone in having to face such assaults, my colleagues and other emergency workers face such violence daily. People may say it is just ‘part of the job’ but anyone who has watched the video footage of what happened will see that shouldn’t be the case.

”I am pleased that the judge found my attackers actions unacceptable and sentenced him accordingly.”

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The horrific attack was captured on the constable's bodyworn camera, who was set upon as he attempted to restrain Brearley. In the footage, it shows Brearley under arrest and pinned against a police car screaming obscenities at two police officers at the scene.

He then suddenly lashes out at one officer who can be heard shouting “stop biting me” before Brearley is wrestled to the ground