Halifax woman stripped to bra and thong before stealing from pensioner

Jailed: Cheryl Burnside
Jailed: Cheryl Burnside

A desperate addict who pretended to be a strip-a-gram before stealing from a pensioner has been jailed for three years.

Cheryl Burnside, 30, tricked her way into a flats complex by claiming to be a strip-a-gram for a Mr Johnson, but she then persuaded a 71-year-old man to let her into his home so she could use the toilet.

Burnside, of Ling Bob Croft, Halifax, told her victim that she had been booked as a strip-a-gram for £70 and after getting into his flat she took off her dress.

Prosecutor John Topham told Bradford Crown Court that Burnside was wearing only a bra and a thong and she then told the pensioner she would do anything for £70.

The man offered to give her £20 just to get her to leave, but Burnside said she wanted more money and then pretended to make a phone call to her boyfriend suggesting that he should come to the flat because the man was refusing to pay up.

Before leaving the flat Burnside grabbed a pair of trousers which contained a few pounds and the man’s keys, but she was later linked to the crime after leaving her fingerprints on a cigarette packet.

The court heard that the offence at a flats complex in Halifax was committed just a few days after Burnside had been given a community sentence for shoplifting.

Mr Topham said four months earlier Burnside had targeted another pensioner in his 80s, who had previously helped her out with money.

She turned up at his Halifax home just after midnight and when he refused to give her any money she took his wallet with £60 in it.

The court heard that Burnside denied being involved in that offence in February and was on bail when she stole the second man’s property in June.

Burnside was originally charged with two offences of burglary, but when her case was listed for trial last month she pleaded guilty to two charges of theft.

Her guilty pleas spared the two pensioners from having to give evidence in court and her barrister Ken Green submitted that she had expressed remorse and regret for the offences.

But Judge Jonathan Rose noted that she had only pleaded guilty at the 11th hour and he described her offending as despicable.

The court heard that Burnside’s first victim had ended up being hospitalised for a period of time after the offence and Judge Rose said she had not had the courage or decency to admit that dreadful crime when she was arrested soon after.

Judge Rose said Burnside, who had been addicted to drugs and alcohol for many years, had deliberately targeted her victims because of their age and had put her need for alcohol and drugs above the rights of others to live an untroubled life.

In addition to the jail sentence Judge Rose also imposed an indefinite restraining order which bans her from having any further contact with her first victim.