Hero chases lead thieves in his pyjamas and slippers

Pursuit: Tony Crow said 'I couldn't run too fast in my slippers'
Pursuit: Tony Crow said 'I couldn't run too fast in my slippers'

A HERO chased lead thieves at three in the morning dressed only in his slippers and pyjamas.

Tony Crow, 56 – who lives at the Shears Inn, Paris Gates, Halifax with wife Carol, the pub chef – was asleep when noises from the roof woke him.

And as he chased the two raiders, they abandoned the lead flashing they had stolen and fled. Tony told last night how he pulled on his slippers and went to investigate when he heard banging on the roof, leaving wife Carol sleeping, unaware of the drama.

He flashed a torch on to the roof to see what was happening.

“I thought they were on the roof right outside our bedroom but I couldn’t see anything.

“I went to the back door. There were two people on the roof. I knew they were up to no good.”

Tony went outside and the pair fled.

“I ran after them but I was in my slippers so couldn’t run very fast,” said Tony, who has been at the pub for four years.

One of the pair made his way into a yard and Tony followed.

“There was a white van and he went round one way and jumped on the wall. Before I could get back round he was running up the road.”

Carol said: “It must have been quite amusing, seeing him running up the street in his pyjamas.”

Tony described one of the pair as 5ft 8ins, stocky and wearing a luminous jacket.

“He stuck out like a sore thumb,” said Tony.

The other was wearing a grey anorak.

Tony said: “I’d have dearly loved to catch them, reprimand them and them put in prison. I don’t sympathise with these people.”

Police confirmed they were called to the pub and asked for anyone with information to call 0845 6060606.