“Hide and seek” Halifax burglar admits break-in at fish and chip shop

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A burglary suspect from Halifax who was mocked on social media after West Yorkshire police posted a photo of his hapless attempt to hide under his bed has admitted breaking into a Bradford fish and chip shop.

Jan Sivak, 31, was arrested by officers in Halifax last month after he failed to answer his court bail, but his arrest photo caused a stir on Facebook after he was shown trying to hide under his bed with his legs sticking out.

In the police post they said:”He will not be winning any awards for hide and seek champion soon.”

Sivak, of Queens Road, King Cross, Halifax, was jailed for 14 days for breaching his bail when he was brought back before magistrates in Bradford and today/yesterday (Fri) he appeared before a judge at the city’s crown court in relation to the burglary charge.

Sivak pleaded guilty to stealing £3000 in cash and electrical goods during a burglary at Lilycroft Fisheries between June 2 and June 5.

Barrister Jayne Beckett said the Czech national had lived in this country for nearly 20 years and this had been his first experience of being in prison.

She said he had a family to support and applied for his sentence on the burglary charge to be adjourned for the preparation of a pre-sentence report by the Probation Service.

Judge Neil Davey QC said he was prepared to adjourn the case for three weeks, but he stressed that all sentencing options would be available to the judge who deals with Sivak on August 18.

Remanding Sivak back into custody the judge warned him not to draw any conclusions from the adjournment of the case and ordered him to be produced in court next month.