Holiday time house burglar gets curfew sentence

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A 42-year-old man who burgled a Shelf couple’s home the day after they went away on holiday has been given a three-month tagged curfew as part of a community order.

Bradford man Gary Bower was tracked down by police after alert neighbours reported seeing him putting a large television into a taxi before being driven away from the property in Shelf Moor Road last October.

Prosecutor Ken Green told a judge at Bradford Crown Court that officers went to Bower’s home in Stoneacre Road, West Bowling, and were able to recover the television along with other stolen property.

Judge Peter Benson was told that a lap-top computer and a watch were not recovered.

Bower, who had a criminal record which included jail sentences for robbery and attempted robbery, pleaded guilty to the burglary charge at a hearing in April.

Judge Benson said Bower was now motivated to tackle the drug problem which had been plaguing his life for a substantial period.

The electronically-monitored curfew will keep Bower indoors between 8pm and 6am and he will also be subject to supervision for a year.

The judge said he would also have to comply with a nine-month drug rehabilitation order.