Homeless man stole new boots from TK Maxx

A homeless man who tried to steal a pair of boots because his own pair were hurting him has been given a third community order.

Shane Hughes, 34, admitted stealing the pair of black regatta boots worth £44.99 from TK Maxx in Halifax on August 4.

Calderdale magistrates heard how Hughes entered the store to buy some new boots because his own pair were causing him discomfort.

He picked up the boots from the shelf and tried them on before taking them off and sneaking them into a bag.

He was stopped by security guards as he attempted to leave the store.

Afterwards he told police he had intended to pay for them but only had £20 of his crisis loan left.

Hughes, who was unrepresented, told magistrates his life was getting back on track and that they had his word he wouldn’t steal again.

They gave him a 12-month community order with six-month supervision as an alternative to custody.