House burglar jailed for five years for attacks on Halifax homes

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A house burglar who raided three Halifax homes while the occupants were asleep has been jailed for five years.

Jaroslav Benedek was arrested over the first break-in in July, but after being given bail he went on to attack two more homes.

Benedek, 31, committed the first offence in the early hours of July 15 and Judge David Hatton QC said the intrusion into a woman’s home had had a very severe effect on her.

Bradford Crown Court heard that the householder was disturbed during the break-in and Judge Hatton said she had been “severely shaken and frightened” by the incident.

A fortnight after being released on bail Benedek, of Boston Street, Pellon, Halifax, burgled a second property in the early hours while a family were at home.

Judge Hatton said that family were not disturbed during that incident and four days later Benedek burgled a third home while the occupants were present.

“These are very serious offences as you appreciate and aggravated by the fact that two of them wre committed on bail,” the judge told Benedek.

“I recognise that you have no previous convictions for burglary nevertheless, as I say, these were very serious ones.”

The court heard that at the time of the burglaries Benedek was already subject to a community order and Judge Hatton said he had no choice but to impose a prison sentence.