Internet groomer jailed for five years - mother of offender says she no longer has a son

The mother of convicted child sex offender, Stephen Woolley, has told how, in her eyes, she no longer has a son after discovering his vile actions.

Kay-Lee Woolley-Naylor, 44, spoke exclusively to The Courier following the appearance of her 27-year-old son of Stocks Lane, Luddenden Foot, at Bradford Crown Court where he was given a five year prison sentence for grooming 38 girls, some as young as 11, on the internet via Facebook.

Kay-Lee Woolley-Naylor

Kay-Lee Woolley-Naylor

Ms Woolley-Naylor wept in court as prosecutor Sophie Drake described Stephen’s offending.

“It was a shock when I heard the things coming out in court,” said Mrs Woolley-Naylor.

“I honestly believed until the hearing that it was some stupid mistake. He lied to me for six months while the court proceedings have been going on saying that it was all made up.

“I will go to see him in Armley and tell him he has lost his mother.”

The distraught mother-of-four said that her family had experienced abuse while they waited for Mr Woolley’s sentencing with even her grandchildren facing physical and verbal abuse in the street.

“The whole family are deeply disturbed and shocked by what was heard in the court,” she said. “I would please ask that people would respect that we are in a grieving process at the moment. Please leave all the family alone and my grandchildren who are innocent victims in all this.

“I know the people of Halifax are decent people and we are as shocked by this as they are and probably more so. My family have had hassle but they haven’t done anything wrong. I understand people are angry but we are coming to terms with this as a family - I have lost my son.”

Despite her upset over her son’s actions Ms Woolley-Naylor said her sympathy really laid with the 38 young girls.

She said: “I want to apologise to all the families that are victims of our Stephen, in particular to the 38 girls.

“I hope they can find closure from the sentence and hope they can move forward with their lives and be what they can be and I hope they all go on to be successful. Anyone affected by his actions who is holding any animosity I hope they can find help. I’m sorry for the damage he has caused to people.”