Iranian man thought way to chat up Halifax women was to pat their bottoms

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An Iranian asylum seeker thought the way to communicate with women was to grope them, Calderdale magistrates were told.

Mohammed Bagherifard fondled women through their clothing after being told that was normal in the UK.

Bagherifard, 30, of Stirling Street, Halifax, admitted three charges of sexual assault on females and one charge of common assault on a male.

He has been in the country a couple of months and at first resided with other asylum seekers at Angel Lodge, Wakefield.

Lisa Beadle, prosecuting, said last month at that hostel he rubbed a woman’s bottom and later while she was walking with a friend he jumped on the friend and fondled her.

When passer-by Sulayman Dar approached him Bagherifard swung a punch at him but missed.

Bagherifard moved to Halifax and on August 5 a promotional girl outside a town centre bar was handing out leaflets when he touched her bottom and slid his hand down her leg.

The victim did not report him at that time but later this month saw him touch another female’s bottom and reported him to police.

Miss Beadle said Bagherifard had no ties to the UK and was a sexual predator and if given bail he might flee or commit further offences.

Malcolm Nowell, mitigating, said he came from a country with very strict laws.

“He was given information by people in nightclubs as to how to communicate with females and merely put that into action.

“He now recognises just how wrong that was and is now more aware of how to conduct himself in this country.

“He is anxious to show he can be a responsible member of this society.”

Bagherifard was remanded in custody to next appear on September 9.