Jail for cannabis 'gardeners'

Two illegal immigrants have been jailed for 10 months after police uncovered a cannabis factory in Halifax.

Bradford Crown Court heard on Tuesday how officers visited an address in Keighley Road in March after being tipped off about the cannabis smell. They found Luu Khuong, 45, and Thiem Nguyen, 19 - who admitted charges of producing and possessing cannabis - with a suitcase of cannabis worth around £80,000.

Judge John Potter told the pair the police had discovered a sophisticated cannabis factory, which could have produced four to six kilos of skunk cannabis in each crop. The court heard that both men had been recruited as “gardeners” to harvest the crops. The judge noted there was no evidence of them benefiting financially personally and accepted their vulnerability because of their status in this country had been exploited by others.

Each was warned the Home Office would decide whether to deport them after prison.