Jail for the pervert who lived in a tent

A paedophile caught with almost 250 indecent images of children as young as five has been jailed for two years.

David Whittaker, 47, currently of no fixed address, stored the images on his phone, computer and on DVDs.

He told police the images were already on the phone when he acquired it.

He said he tried to delete them. He admitted he had used his computer to access pornographic sites but said he had not been looking for children. He was arrested in November 2008, but was released on bail to live at an address in Blackpool.

But he failed to ever go to that address and instead lived in a tent.

He was caught a second time in March 2009 in breach of his bail and having failed to sign the sex offenders register, as well as having more images on his phone.

David McGonigal, defending, said that the 245 images was a relatively low figure.

“By this court’s standards, this is not a significant number of images. It’s a relatively small number.”

Whittaker admitted 20 counts of making indecent images of children and two of possessing indecent images.

Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC said Whittaker’s behaviour directly caused the abuse of children.

“Without you providing the market these young children would not be abused, damaged or scarred,” said the judge.

Whittaker will serve two years and has been given a sexual offences order for 10 years.