Jail terms for Hanoi car gang

Four burglars who targeted high-value cars during a break-in conspiracy across Halifax and the wider region have received prison sentences totalling almost 20 years.

The Bradford-based gang were arrested as part of a police investigation called Operation Saginaw and were jailed for between four and five years when they appeared at Bradford Crown Court.

Vehicles targeted were worth around £450,000 and including an Audi TT and a Suzuki motorbike from a house at Whitley Drive, Halifax.

Two other Bradford men were also jailed after they admitted being involved in a conspiracy to handle stolen vehicles.

Daniel Burns was jailed for five years after he admitted being part of the conspiracy to burgle. Andrew De Angelis, 24, received a five-year term for the same offences and fellow conspirator Sohail Bham, 35, was jailed for four-and-a-half years. Samuel Pearson, 31, was sentenced to four years and nine months on the conspiracy charge.

It was revealed one of the handlers Saqib Salam, 24, was the son of a magistrate who had subsequently stood down. Salam was jailed for 18 months, but his co-accused Adheel Hussain, 29, was described by Judge Peter Benson as a more sophisticated handler of stolen vehicles and he was locked up for 33 months.

Judge Benson said the so-called ‘’Hanoi’’ burglaries which formed the conspiracy were well planned.

‘’Two, at least were at night with occupiers asleep in bed,” said the judge.

“These are serious offences that must attract a significant custodial sentence.”