Jailed: the cop who tried to strangle wife in Brighouse

A JEALOUS policeman who tried to throttle his wife and then attacked her new boyfriend has been jailed for eight months.

A court heard Gavin Thrippleton’s wife Charlotte thought she was going to die after he found she was seeing another man.

Thrippleton’s attempt to strangle his wife in the bedroom of their home in Charles Street, Brighouse, left her gasping for air.

His wife, now known as Charlotte Bolton, also passed out after being put in a headlock and forced headfirst on to the bed.

When she came round and asked for assistance, Thrippleton – a Greater Manchester officer – again tried to get her in a headlock but she managed to get free and fled.

“She must have been absolutely terrified,” Judge Peter Benson told Thrippleton at Bradford Crown Court.

“You were a trained police officer who should have known how to control his emotions and should have known the dangers of the sort of physical attack you launched that night.”

Thrippleton, 30, was bailed after being arrested in connection with that assault, but just a few weeks later he saw his wife and her new boyfriend, Matthew Baylis-Jones, out cycling.

Prosecutor Chris Smith said Thrippleton started punching Mr Baylis-Jones.

Other members of the public intervened and Thrippleton ended up seriously injured.

Thrippleton, who has now resigned from the force, was found guilty in December of assaulting his wife.

At an earlier hearing he was convicted of common assault on Mr Baylis-Jones.

Thrippleton’s barrister Chloe Fairley said he had been proud of his job as a police officer and his conviction had resulted in him losing a position he had worked hard to get.

She said court proceedings had been hanging over her client for nearly two years and there was now a “civil relationship” between Thrippleton and his former wife.

The court heard Thrippleton still had financial problems and faced losing the former matrimonial home.

“In essence his life is ruined,” said Miss Fairley.

Thrippleton was given six months for assaulting his wife and two for attacking Mr Baylis-Jones.