Joyriding teenagers jailed

THREE teenagers have been jailed after two of them assaulted a man while on a drunken joyride.

They were only arrested after a car chase with police through Elland which ended with the teenage driver crashing the vehicle.

Oliver Archibald, 19, of Calder Close, Greetland, Ashton Hoyle, 18, from Elland, and Dominic Priestley, 18, of Bowood Road, Elland, committed the offences on April 22, 2011.

All three had been drinking and after returning home Archibald took the keys to his mother’s Peugeot 206, without her knowledge, and picked up his friends, despite having no licence and being over the drink-drive limit.

They went on a three- hour joyride round Elland and Greetland when, at around 4am, they saw a man on his mobile phone walking along Jepson Lane.

Hoyle and Priestley got out of the car and approached him, asking if he had a cigarette.

When he said no they punched him in the head and continued to punch him to the floor.

One of the attackers kicked him while the other picked up his phone.

Bradford Crown Court heard how one of the teens, the victim couldn’t be sure which one, tried to go through his pockets as he lay on floor but he stopped them.

The teens then ran back to the car and Archibald drove away.

The victim managed to stumble home and ring the police who tracked down the car soon after.

Officers in a patrol car pulled the car over but as they approached Archibald sped off and led them on a chase around Elland which ended when the teens crashed into a kerb.

Hoyle and Priestley admitted a charge of robbery but Archibald denied the matter.

However, he was later found guilty by a jury and was sentenced for the robbery, taking a car without consent, having no insurance and being over the alcohol limit.

His Honour Judge John Potter said: “You were fuelled by drink causing significant danger culminating in wanton violence being meted out to a complete stranger. This merits immediate custody.”

Hoyle and Priestley were jailed for two years four months while Archibald received a two year sentence.