Judge has mercy on fraudster

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A fraudster facing prison after swindling a retired father-of-six has been given bail as ‘’an act of mercy’’ by a judge.

A jury at Bradford Crown Court today (WED) found 34-year-old Mohammed Mahboob guilty of defrauding thousands of pounds from 62-year-old Gul Nawaz by pretending to act as an intermediary for a solicitor who was supposed to be dealing with the divorce proceedings of Mr Nawaz’s daughter.

Mahboob was also convicted of grievous bodily harm in relation to an attack by two masked men on Mr Nawaz in October 2009.

Last month Mr Nawaz told the jury how he feared for his life when he was attacked by two masked men who had been hiding in his car.

The former Nestle worker described how he had returned to his parked car after meeting up with Mahboob in the Savile Park area of Halifax, but he said as soon as he got into the driver’s seat he was grabbed round the neck from behind.

The court heard how the man who grabbed him was holding a large knife which he put to the complainant’s forehead.

The complainant said he was shocked by the attack and one of the masked men said that someone had paid them £60,000 to kill him.

The complainant told the jury he thought he was going to be killed and said he was punched in the face by the second man before his legs, ankles and wrists were tied up with tape.

During the struggle in the car Mr Nawaz suffered cuts to his forehead and hand and tape was also put over his face and eyes.

The two attackers then took Mr Nawaz out of the car and dragged him to a set of goal posts on the nearby football pitches where he was effectively tied to one of the posts.

At one stage Mr Nawaz said he had pretended to be unconscious, but one of the men slapped his face saying:’’Are you alright? It’s your funeral tomorrow.’’

The attackers left Mr Nawaz tied to the post, but he managed to free himself by removing his trousers and jacket and was then assisted by two passers-by who came across him.

After the jury returned their unanimous guilty verdicts barrister Simon Myerson QC, for Mahboob, revealed that earlier this year he had donated a kidney to his teenage son, but the transplant had not been successful.

Mr Myerson asked for Mahboob’s sentence hearing to be adjourned so that he could attend meetings about the future treatment of his son before he was locked up.

Judge David Hatton QC said he was prepared to grant Mahboob bail ‘’as an act of mercy’’, but he he imposed conditions on the bail including residence at GIbbet Street, Halifax, and surrendering of Mahboob’s passport within 48 hours.

Mahboob, who will also have to report to Halifax police station twice a week, will return to court on January 4.