Jury sees CCTV footage of on-the-run wife killer who Halifax man helped flee country

Bradford Crown Court
Bradford Crown Court

A jury has seen CCTV footage of an on-the-run wife killer who was helped to flee the country by his cousin.

Halifax man Nouman Qureshi has already admitted being part of a conspiracy which helped Danish Irfan to fly to Pakistan after he murdered his wife Ridda Zanab at their Bradford home in November 2013.

This morning (Wednesday) Qureshi’s brother Muhammed, who worked for Pakistan International Airways at Heathrow, and two other men from Ilford went on trial at Bradford Crown Court accused of being part of the conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

Irfan killed his wife in a fit of jealous rage after finding out that she had been having an affair and today the jury was shown various clips from CCTV equipment which captured his escape via taxi, train and plane.

The court heard that within hours of the killing at the couple’s home in Alford Terrace, Bradford, Irfan had tried to contact his cousin Nouman Qureshi who worked for an organisation which dealt with visa applications.

“Danish Irfan’s first reaction it seems after killing his wife was to try and contact Nouman Qureshi and get help,” said prosecutor Jonathan Sharp.

Irfan’s first two calls went to voicemail so he left the couple’s home with their baby and handed the child over to his dead wife’s parents before getting a taxi to Manchester Airport.

Irfan told his unsuspecting in-laws that he had had a fight with Ridda and she had walked out.

Mr Sharp said Irfan, who did not have a passport, tried to get himself deported immediately as an illegal immigrant, but he was turned away from Manchester Airport and he again rang his cousin.

Mr Sharp said the plan was to get Irfan out of the country and it was plain that Nouman Qureshi told him to travel to London.

The jury where shown video clips of Irfan visiting a phone shop, an internet cafe and a travel agents the day after he had spent the night at the London home of Nouman Qureshi’s work colleague Faisal Chaudhary.

Mr Sharp outlined details of the repeated phone contact between the various alleged conspirators and he told the jury how Nouman Qureshi lied to police officers who were looking for his cousin following the discovery of his murdered wife.

When police officers visited Nouman Qureshi’s workplace in Bradford he told them he had no idea where Irfan was and said he had not had any contact with him for about three days.

Within a few hours of the police visit Irfan was given a false passport and enough money to buy a ticket to fly from Heathrow to Islamabad via Dubai.

The jury heard that eventually Irfan was persuaded to return to the UK in February 2014 and last July he was convicted of murdering his wife.

Nouman Qureshi, 33, of Kashmir Park, Pellon, pleaded guilty before the jury were sworn in to the charge of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

He will be sentenced after the trial of his brother Muhammed Qureshi, 39, of Pembroke Avenue, Luton, and the two men from Ilford .

All three of them deny being involved in the conspiracy.

The trial continues.