Knicker-sniffing burglar jailed after stealing pink underwear from house

Mohammed Umar from Wyke has been jailed
Mohammed Umar from Wyke has been jailed

A 25-year-old burglar with an interest in women’s underwear has been jailed following the latest bizarre incident in a street.

Back in June 2016 Mohammed Umar was given a suspended prison sentence after he was caught sitting in a woman’s bedroom sniffing a pair of knickers.

He was also made the subject of an indefinite restraining order aimed at stopping his behaviour from upsetting female residents in the area, but he was locked up by a judge at Bradford Crown Court for a total of two years and eight months.

Prosecutor Dave Mackay described how in March this year Umar walked into the kitchen of another home on Storr Hill, Wyke, and grabbed a pair of pink knickers from a washing basket.

Umar, of Storr Hill, was arrested for the burglary and admitted the offence when he appeared at the magistrates court the next day, but Mr Mackay said he was then given unconditional bail until his sentence hearing.

Just a month later Umar was caught masturbating himself near another woman’s home on Rawson Street and following his arrest for that incident he was remanded into custody.

Umar appeared before a judge today having admitted offences of house burglary, outraging public decency and breaching his restraining order.

The court heard that Umar suffered from a mild learning g disability, but had been working in a warehouse.

Mr Mackay said the complainants had said they didn’t feel safe as a result of Umar’s offending.

Barrister Abdul Shakooor, for Umar, conceded that the offending was serious, but he urged Judge Jonathan Rose to consider another suspended prison sentence.

He said Umar’s parents had given an undertaking to supervise him in the future to prevent any further offending.

But Judge Rose said while he did not doubt their intentions he did not think they could control him.

“Yours is a sad but also a very troubling case for this court,” the judge told Umar.

He said he was satisfied that Umar suffered from a learning disability which had some bearing on his behaviour, but it did not make him behave in the way he did.

The judge warned Umar that his prison sentences would get longer and longer if he reoffended again.

“There is no alternative to an immediate sentence of imprisonment,” said Judge Rose.

“It is time to protect the public for the foreseeable future.”