Knife-man at two West Yorkshire courts this morning

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A man wielding a knife went on a rampage at two courts in Leeds this morning.

Police were alerted at around 10am to reports of a a man who had entered Leeds Crown Court and produced a knife when challenged by security staff before he could pass through the metal detectors.

He left the building but was followed by a police officer who radioed for assistance and followed him as he headed towards the neighbouring magistrates court.

He was making threats to passing members of the public.

More officers rushed to the magistrates court and attempted to control the man using batons and CS spray.

The man continued to resist and was eventually subdued when officers in an unmarked police car knocked him to the ground.

The man was not injured.

A knife was recovered from the scene.

A 35-year-old man, from Leeds, has been arrested on suspicion of attempted grevious bodily harm and possession of an offensive weapon. He is currently in custody.

Inspector Matt Brown, of City and Holbeck Police, said: “This was clearly a volatile situation where there was a significant risk to the safety of members of the public and the officers involved..

“Thankfully the swift actions of the officers at the scene brought this incident to a safe conclusion and no-one was injured.”