Lead thief jailed for stealing from roof of Victoria Hall in Queensbury

Victoria Hall, Queensbury.
Victoria Hall, Queensbury.

A 21-year-old man has been jailed for helping to steal lead from a community hall roof less than a month after a judge gave him a chance to avoid prison.

Marcus Joy was one of four men who were arrested by police after a local resident was woken by banging in the early hours as they stripped lead from the roof of the Victoria Hall, in Queensbury.

Bradford Crown Court heard that officers quickly arrived in the area and after stopping the thieves’ car they found the stolen lead in the boot.

Prosecutor Richard Gioserano said there was no estimate for the value of the lead or the damage caused to the roof, but a statement from the caretaker indicated that such incidents were a recurring problem.

Joy, of Ashton House, Croscombe Walk, Bradford, was found guilty of theft following a trial before the magistrates court, but his case was transferred to the crown court because he was already subject to a deferred sentence for an affray in Bradford city centre.

The theft of the lead took place on June 20 about four weeks after Joy had appeared before Judge Peter Benson at Bradford Crown Court in relation to the affray offence.

The judge deferred sentence for three months so that Joy could complete a community order and prove he could stay out of trouble.

When Joy appeared again before Judge Benson he was jailed for six months in relation to the affray with an extra one month in prison for the theft of the lead.

The judge said the theft had been a planned expedition and he found it very sad that Joy did not seem to be able to control his urge to go out and commit the offence.