Leeds criminal captured after seven years on the run


A Leeds criminal has been captured after absconding from prison in 2006.

Brian James Waite, 43, was arrested in the early hours of Saturday morning by Metropolitan police officers from an address in Lewisham, London.

Waite, who is originally from Leeds, absconded from HMP North Sea Camp in Lincolnshire in 2006.

He was serving an 11-year sentence after being convicted of a robbery in which £25,000 was stolen from a security van.

Detectives from West Yorkshire Police’s Protective Services Crime Division assisted the Metropolitan Police at an address in Granville Park, Lewisham, where Waite was located and arrested.

Five others were arrested from the premises on suspicion of harbouring an escaped prisoner, possession with intent to supply controlled drugs and money laundering.

The investigation into those offences is continuing and Brian Waite has been sent to prison.

Detective Inspector Neil Hollis, from West Yorkshire Police, said: “Waite is an organised criminal who has been wanted for seven years. We believe he has travelled around extensively in this time and done everything he can to avoid the authorities.

“His recapture is a result of some tireless work by my team, alongside police officers from other forces and our law enforcement partners.

“We have made repeated public appeals to trace him - including on the Crimewatch programme on three separate occasions since 2006 - and all the hard work has finally paid off.

“I hope his arrest will serve as reassurance to the public that no one is untouchable and that the police will go to every length to make sure that justice is served.”