M62 being treated 'like a race track' as speedster clocked at shocking 141mph

A West Yorkshire Police traffic officer has hit out at dangerous drivers after he caught a speedster on the M62 travelling at 141mph.

PC Martin Willis revealed the shocking speed one driver was travelling at on Octover 23 at 5.25am.

The vehicle was travelling on the westbound carriageway at Scammonden.

Posting on Twitter he said: ·"One of the fastest speeds I've recorded on the M62 in recent years. Unfortunately it was on the opposite carriageway and I can't be in 2 places at once. I'm sure it will come again soon."

A few days earlier PC Willis caught two drivers speeding at 105mph and 114mph on the same stretch of the motorway.

hocking figures released by charity Brake revealed West Yorkshire Police to have the most speeding drivers over 100mph in the UK last year.

A driver was caught on a speed gun travelling 141mph on the M62

A driver was caught on a speed gun travelling 141mph on the M62

West Yorkshire had the 10th highest speeds recorded of the areas across the country where figures were released.

The road safety charity obtained figures from 40 of the 45 police forces across the UK, following a Freedom of Information request.

One driver was caught speeding at 157mph on the M62 - 87 miles faster than the 70mph motorway speed limit on the M62 where they were caught.

Each force was asked to supply the total number of offences recorded by a speed camera or from an officer's speed radar where a motorist was found to be going over 100mph, for 2018.

They were also asked to provide the top five speeds recorded in their area, including what the speed limit was, the location, the driver’s age and gender.

Drivers caught speeding at over 100mph are referred to Court, where magistrates have the discretion to issue a driving ban or 6 penalty points on a driver’s licence.

The maximum fine for serious speeding offences is £1000, rising to £2500 if caught on a motorway.