Man charged with murdering woman who grew up in Halifax

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A MAN has been charged with murdering a woman who grew up in Halifax.

Afsana Kosser was pronounced dead after police and paramedics were called to a street in Bedford last Wednesday.

Her husband, 51-year-old Sajid Mahmood, has been charged with her murder.

The 35-year-old lived in Gibbet Street in Halifax as a girl and is thought to still have some family in the area.

Arshad Mahmood, who lived in the area at the same time as Afsana, said: “She was a lovely kid and a genuine girl.

“I just can’t believe what has happened to her.”

He said Afsana’s father died around 25 years ago, leaving Afsana, her brother and her mother.

He said the family moved to Bedford around 15 years ago. He understands Afsana’s mother died a few years ago after battling cancer.

“It’s really sad,” he said. “I couldn’t believe it when I heard.”

Afsana worked at Bedford Job Centre.

Colin Hubbard, who lives near where she died, said: “I received an early morning call from a friend who saw a lady on the road and he was quite distressed.

“We thought someone had been knocked down by a car but then we realised that something quite serious had happened.

“It’s a quiet sort of area and we do not get a lot of crime. I have lived in the area for 25 years and there have been no incidents during that time of this scale that I know of.

“It’s not something you usually wake up to but these things do happen.”

Police were called to reports of a woman with serious injuries at 8.25am last Wednesday.

Afsana was pronounced dead at the location.