Man jailed after setting fire to stolen car

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A 25-year-old man who tried to cover up the theft of a car by setting fire to the vehicle has been jailed for 15 months.

Liam Clatworthy, of Belmont Street, Sowerby Bridge, was found guilty of theft and arson charges following a trial at Bradford Crown Court and was locked up despite a plea from his barrister for a suspended prison sentence.

Judge John Potter was told that Clatworthy had made significant changes in his life since he committed the offences back in November 2012 and faced losing is employment and accommodation if he was sent to custody.

But the judge said Clatworthy had lied about his involvement in the offences and the fact that he was found guilty by a jury following a trial meant he had not shown any remorse.

The court heard that Clatworthy had asked for the keys to the Astra car on the basis that he wanted to use the in-car charger to charge up his phone.

But Judge Potter said Clatworthy had then driven off in the vehicle and had spent a number of hours driving around in it before becoming involved in a collision.

‘’You decided to cover up your stupidity in acting in this way and your involvement in stealing the car by setting fire to it,’’ said the judge.

The court heard that the owner of the car, which was burnt out, had treated it as his pride and joy.

Judge Potter told Clatworthy that he had repeated his lies during the trial and they had been dismissed by the jury.