Man jailed following hospital fracas

Bradford Crown Court
Bradford Crown Court

A 40-year-old man has been jailed for 15 months after using threatening behaviour in front of members of the public and staff at Calderdale Royal Hospital.

Amphetamine addict Mark Cooper was not supposed to cause trouble at the hospital under the terms of a two-year anti-social behaviour order, but just two days after he was given a three-year community order for exposing himself in a Halifax cinema he was again acting in a threatening manner towards security staff.

Bradford Crown Court heard how Cooper, of Kings Cross Road, Halifax, kept returning to the hospital on April 6 even after he had been seen by a doctor and discharged.

Prosecutor Anthony Moore said at one stage Cooper was found in the toilets with his trousers round his ankles and his jumper over his head.

As security staff tried to escort Cooper off the premises members of the public, including children, saw him behaving in an extremely threatening manner.

Mr Moore said when Cooper refused to leave the hospital grounds he was arrested from the main entrance area.

Cooper claimed that he had been hallucinating and that he was seeing snakes which were spitting venom at him.

Judge Jonathan Rose revoked the 36-month supervision order which had been made only two before the latest incident and replaced that with a sentence of six months in jail.

But Judge Rose also said that Cooper would have to serve an additional nine months in prison for the latest breach of the ASBO.

“You have been afforded opportunities over the years to seek assistance, but you have not taken them,” the judge told Cooper.

“You have not taken up the help offered. Instead you have persisted in a drug habit that you know only too well damages your already fragile personality.”

The court heard that Cooper may have drug-induced psychological issues, but Judge Rose said the public needed protecting from his behaviour.

Judge Rose also extended the existing ASBO until August 2019 and warned Cooper that any further offending would lead to longer sentences to protect the public from his disgraceful behaviour.