Man jailed for bomb threats

Grant Bruce
Grant Bruce

A man who threatened to blow up a block of flats and stab people has been jailed for four months.

Grant Bruce, 30, of no fixed address, called the police on Tuesday and told them he would make a bomb to blow himself up.

He said he would also blow up a block of flats and slash people if he wasn’t sent to prison.

He was arrested by police outside Tesco on Huddersfield Road in Brighouse.

Bruce, who has previously served a custodial sentence and has a string of previous convictions, pleaded with magistrates to give him a custodial sentence because he felt safer in prison.

Lisa Beadle, prosecuting said: “The defendant phoned police and said he would go home, make a bomb and blow himself up. He said he would blow up a block of flats and slash people. He said he wanted to go back to prison. He planned to make a bomb and find people known to him and slash them.”

His solicitor, Sam Jackson, said Bruce would have refused to speak to the probation service had he not been sent down.

“He is hoping you send him to prison because he feels more secure there,” Mr Jackson said.

“When threats of using weapons and bombs are involved a custodial sentence is the appropriate form of punishment.”

Chairman of the bench Menir Khan said: “We take these threats very seriously, particularly when there is talk of weapons and bombs.”

He was given a 16-week sentence after pleading guilty to causing a breach of the peace.

In August last year, Bruce featured in the Courier after he started sleeping in his car.

He and his then partner Pauline Lewis moved into the Ford Mondeo when the ceiling in their rented house on Grove Terrace, Brighouse, caved in.

They bought the car to sleep in after they were unable to find anywhere else to stay.

Miss Lewis told the Courier at the time: “We’ve had to borrow money from my parents and I’ve sold some of my jewellery to buy the car and get it insured.”