Man jailed for Halifax mosque knife attack

Bradford Crown Court
Bradford Crown Court

A Bradford man who faced an attempted murder charge following a knife attack in a Halifax mosque has been jailed for wounding.

But 27-year-old Mustafa Caglaroglu could be freed from prison shortly because he has already spent more than five months on remand.

Bradford Crown Court heard today how Caglaroglu believed he was owed money by fellow Turkish national Yusuf Bozdag after he gave him a loan for a business deal.

Prosecutor Katherine Robinson said the defendant had made threats towards the complainant and in June he turned up at the mosque in Carlton Street.

Caglaroglu was armed with a kitchen knife and during a confrontation inside the mosque he swung the weapon towards the complainant’s ribcage.

Mr Bozdag suffered a cut to his hand has he grabbed the blade and a friend managed to grab Caglaroglu round the neck and push him through the doors of the mosque.

Miss Robinson said the defendant began stabbing at the window and door of the mosque causing damage estimated at £1600 and outside he stabbed the knife through one of the windows of Mr Bozdag’s BMW car causing a further £200 worth of damage.

She said the complainant had been wearing a leather jacket at the time and there were three slash marks on it where the defendant had tried to stab him.

Caglaroglu, of Carlisle Terrace, Bradford, pleaded not guilty to the attempted murder allegation when his case was listed for trial today and the prosecuted accepted his guilty pleas to charges of wounding and criminal damage.

Barrister Jason Pitter said his client, who had no previous convictions, felt short-changed over the business transaction and thought he was owed further money.

He claimed that Caglaroglu had been subjected to some “rough-housing” at the mosque, but he conceded that his client had armed himself with the knife before going there.

The court heard that Caglaroglu had no previous convictions and today Judge Roger Thomas QC sentenced him to 12 months in prison for the wounding offence.

The judge imposed concurrent two-month jail terms for the criminal damage offences and ordered the defendant to pay compensation totalling £1800.

He said the financial problem surrounding the business deal had boiled over into violence and damage.

“In the end it didn’t end up as badly as it could have done,” the judge noted.

“Because anybody who arms themselves with a knife and then produces that knife runs the risk of somebody else being seriously injured if not killed.”

Because Caglaroglu has already served nearly half the 12-month sentence on remand Judge Thomas said he could be released in a few weeks.