Man jailed for stealing laptop

A man who was caught carrying a laptop and claimed he had taken it off someone trying to burgle the house has been jailed.

Jonjo Maloney of Clare Street, Halifax, was confronted in the hallway when the resident of the house heard the door open.

When the woman came down the stairs of her home in Lister Lane, Halifax, she found Maloney holding her lodger’s laptop.

Mr Bashir Ahmed, prosecuting, said: “When the resident challenged him the defendant said he had seen someone earlier with the laptop and he had taken it from that person. He then asked her if she wanted him to search the rest of the house.”

Maloney later returned that evening and repeated the same story to the lodger. He told police the same story when they were arrived.

Mr Ian Howard, defending, said, Maloney had problems with drug addictions but was looking to tackle those problems,

“We have reached in this young man’s life where he is possibly for the first time realising his problems of that addiction,” said Mr Howard.

“It seems he will get to a point in his life and will realise he will have spent 50 per cent of his life behind bars. He is now motivated to overcome the addiction. If he is successful we all win if not only he loses.”

The 25-year-old, who has previous convictions, pleaded guilty to the charge of dwelling burglary on March 20.

Judge John Potter said that drugs played a significant part in Maloney resorting to crime and stealing from people, businesses and burglaries to domestic premises.

Maloney was sentenced to 14 months in prison and includes 66 days he has already spent in custody.