Man jailed for wounding and taking vehicle

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A 24-year-old man who was badly injured in a car crash has been jailed for more than two years after he went on to carry out an attack with a piece of wood.

Anthony Broadhurst had to be cut free from a wrecked Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution after he crashed the high-powered car into a dry stone wall in the Wainstalls Lane area of Halifax back in April, but while on bail for aggravated vehicle taking he launched a sustained attack on a man in his own home.

Bradford Crown Court heard how Broadhurst hit Philip Saltonstall over the head with a two-foot long piece of wood during an early hours incident at the complainant’s home in Halifax in June.

A judge said Broadhurst then rained down punches and kicks on his victim before leaving with Mr Saltonstall’s blood on his clothing.

Prosecutor Jonathan Sharp said Broadhurst, of Mixenden Court, Mixenden, went to another address where he washed himself and tried to dispose of the blood-stained clothing.

Mr Saltonstall did not go to hospital straight away, but later that morning his landlady called an ambulance.

Judge John Potter was told that the victim suffered cuts to his lip and mouth, a cut to the left ear and substantial bruising to his left cheek and eye socket.

‘’He feared at one point that he would have to undergo reconstructive surgery though mercifully that has not had to happen,’’ said Mr Sharp.

In a statement made a few weeks after the attack Mr Saltonstall said he feared returning to his flat and was also having trouble sleeping at night.

Broadhurst pleaded guilty to a series of offences including aggravated vehicle taking, driving without insurance or a licence and unlawful wounding.

He also admitted a further offence of shoplifting at a Leeds store and failing to surrender to court.

The court heard that Broadhurst spent a week in intensive care after the crash in April and he believed that his personality had changed as a result of the accident.

Judge Potter accepted that the defendant had been caused significant harm in the crash, but he pointed out that it was as a result of Broadhurst behaving unlawfully.

The judge noted that Mr Saltonstall had been traumatised by the attack in his own home and described it as a senseless act of violence when Broadhurst apeared to lose any semblance of self control.

Broadhurst was jailed for 20 months for the wounding offence with an additional eight months for the aggravated vehicle taking.

He was also banned from driving for 18 months.