Man threatens to ‘take down’ a police officer

The Halifax coat of arms at Calderdale Magistrates Court.
The Halifax coat of arms at Calderdale Magistrates Court.

A man told Magistrates he would “take down” a police officer if they didn’t send him to prison.

Sean Byrne, currently of no fixed abode, warned them that if he was allowed to walk free from court that “someone would get hurt” - and that it would be the Magistrates’ fault if they did.

Byrne, 51, appeared in court on Monday morning charged with disorderly behaviour after he attacked a police car on Commercial Street in the early hours of Sunday.

The defendant, who had no previous convictions, approached a police car as it waited at a red light and started banging on the windows.

He then opened the passenger side door before slamming on one of the officers as he tried to get out of the car and shouting at the officers to arrest him before he hurt someone.

When he appeared before the Magistrates on Monday morning, he pleaded guilty to disorderly behaviour - but was told that the offence he was charged with was a non-imprisonable offence.

Richard Brown, defending, told the Magistrates the Byrne had slapped one of the officers around the face - but that this information was not part of the prosecution case.

Byrne, who gave no indication as to why he wanted to be sent to prison, then himself told the Magistrates, “I want locking up. I will walk out of her and the first officer I find is going down, and I mean I will have to hurt them to take them down, so it’s up to you.

“You need to send me down or someone is going to get hurt and it’s not fair on them. I’m telling you I will be straight back here tomorrow so it’s on you.”

But despite that, Byrne was not charged with any further offences and the Magistrates fined him £110, as well as ordering him to pay costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £20 - which Byrne said he had no intention, or means, of paying.

The Magistrates then ordered he be detained at the police station until 8pm on Monday evening.