Meat cleaver thug is sent back to jail

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A VIOLENT robber has been recalled to prison after a court heard he threatened to chop up an enemy with a meat cleaver.

James Mogford, 25, was on licence from a six-year jail sentence when he armed himself with the six to eight-inch blade and went to confront Nathan Robinson at his Halifax flat.

Paul Ramsey, prosecuting, told Calderdale magistrates: “Mr Robinson had heard someone called Moggy was walking around with a bladed article looking for him, then he heard banging.

“He then heard the defendant’s voice saying: ‘Open the door, it’s the police,’ then heard him shout: ‘Let me in, I’m going to stab you. I’m going to chop you up.’

“Some of what took place was captured on CCTV. It shows the defendant, with another man, using his right hand to remove an implement from his waistband.

“He then takes a swing at a letterbox. The implement can clearly be seen to be a meat cleaver.”

Mogford was arrested on July 21 and told police he had gone to talk to Mr Robinson after cooking his tea and had forgotten the knife was there.

He admitted possessing an offensive weapon and causing criminal damage at Weavers Brook, Ovenden, on July 3 - but he denied threatening Mr Robinson.

Mohammed Farooq, mitigating, said his client had gone to talk to Mr Robinson because he believed he had been making false complaints about him in a bid to get him recalled to prison.

“Ironically it is his own actions that have seen him recalled back to prison,” he said.

The court heard Mogford had been brought up in care since the age of 11 and knew Mr Robinson from their days in a home together.

Mr Farooq said: “It is no excuse for his record, but he has had a disruptive childhood, and sometimes your start in life helps you to grow up in a better way.”

Mogford walked free from court in October 2007 after smashing a beer bottle over a train conductor’s head and punching a driver in the face in a dispute over a ticket.

He was locked up for six years in July 2008 for robbing a 22-year-old taxi driver at knifepoint, and was released in April this year.

Mogford has now been recalled to prison to serve the rest of his sentence, plus a 12-week jail term imposed by Calderdale magistrates.