Monkey man found guilty of supplying cannabis

A man who was found with five monkeys, six dogs and a cockatoo at his home when police searched it for drugs has been found guilty of possessing cannabis with intent to supply.

Lee Oliver, 45, of Shirley Grove, Lightcliffe, who had previous convictions relating to drugs, was also found guilty of possessing criminal property at Bradford Crown Court.

His partner Karen Howard, 47, was cleared of both charges.

Police searched their house last February and found 47 grams of cannabis, much of which had been separated into small bags.

They also found five marmoset monkeys, worth up to £1,500 each, three bull mastiffs, three Jack Russells and a cockatoo worth £350, as well and a range of technical electrical items including three flat-screen televisions.

Oliver also had a BMW and £5,580 in cash down the back of the sofa.

He had also spent £700 on a wrist watch.

Oliver, who was claiming disability benefits and income support, claimed that he had supplemented their income by “wheeling and dealing.”

He will be sentenced on February 24.