Mother of six falsely claimed £3,000 in benefits

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A mother of six who claimed almost £3,000 of benefits she was not entitled to has been given a conditional discharge.

Kelly Lansdale, 32, of Moorside Gardens, Ovenden, Halifax, admitted two charges of failing to notify Calderdale Council and the Department for Work and Pensions of her change of circumstances and that she was living with her husband.

Calderdale magistrates heard how between December 2011 and July 2012 she had claimed a total of £2,968.72 from council tax benefit and income support.

Paul Ramsey, prosecuting, said that from December 19, 2011, Lansdale’s husband had moved back into the home and they were living as a couple and knew she should have declared the fact but she was behind with bills and in financial difficulties.

Phil Axon, defending, said Lansdale was a person of good character and when she made the original claims for the benefits they were legitimate applications after her husband had left in April 2010.

“She wanted to get her life back on track but knows that is no excuse and is very sorry for that.

“She contacted the Department of Work and Pensions and took the steps herself and admitted the error of her ways.”

Lansdale was given a 12-month discharge and ordered to pay costs of £85.