Mum jailed after repeatedly stamping on unconscious man’s head

Scene of fight, George Street, Halifax.
Scene of fight, George Street, Halifax.

A mother-of-two has been jailed after she repeatedly stamped on an unconscious man’s head during a boozy brawl.

Catherine Moyser, of Well Grove, Hove Edge, spent her 28th birthday behind bars after magistrates jailed her for 16 weeks for her outrageous behaviour.

Moyser was part of a group of 15 to 20 people who scrapped in George Street, Halifax, in the early hours of October 7, 2012.

She was sentenced alongside three men who were all identified on CCTV involved in the fracas.

They were Luke Heffernan, 22, of Tofts Grove, Brighouse, Daniel Murrell, 20, of Oaklands, Rastrick, and Ben Ramsden, 28, of Fletcher Crescent, Rastrick. They all pleaded guilty to a public order offence of using threatening language or behaviour.

The court heard that Moyser had been involved in a fight at the Fusion nightclub and that spilled out into George Square.

Magistrates saw CCTV footage of the group attacking a man, at 5.50am, with punches and kicks.

At one point he slipped and was left unconscious on the floor which was when Moyser stamped on his head five times and slapped him in the face. She returned and continued the pummelling as the man lay motionless.

A passer-by tried to pull Moyser away from the unconscious man as he thought “she was going to kill him” but Ramsden punched the good samaritan in the face for his troubles.

Earlier in the footage the court saw how a large group had congregated on George Street with punches being thrown and brawls taking in place in the road.

Ramsden was fighting off a group of men when Murrell and Heffernan arrived and “helped him out”.

The whole incident lasted no more than ten minutes and the group of four were seen walking away from the scene before being arrested.

Moyser caused a disturbance in the courtroom as security staff took her down to the cells screaming: “Get your hands off me”.

Ramsden was also sentenced to 16 weeks in prison while Murrell received a 10-week suspended sentence and three month curfew from 7pm to 7am. Heffernan was given an eight-week suspended sentence and a 10-week curferw from 7pm to 7am.

Murrell and Heffernan were also ordered to pay £85 in costs.